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Hardware Services

General Hardware Faults


Common Faults

Broken or cracked screens, no display, faulty keyboard or mouse, system overheating or shutting down.

No Power / Beep Codes / LED Flashing codes

Diagnosis of faults to determine which part(s) may be faulty, e.g. motherboard, power supply, RAM.


Data Corruption / No Boot

Hard drive failure, from partly corrupted or totally no activity, windows boot repair, system restore (also see data recovery).



Replacing thermal paste, cleaning heatsinks and fans. Checking for correct function of or improve cooling systems.


Graphics Card or Display Problems

Display / performance issues.


Damaged or non-functioning ports

Faulty I/O Ports or I/O Boards. Motherboard or daughterboard issues.


Non-functioning peripherals

Webcam or printers not working


PC Setup & Installation

We can setup your new PC or laptop to get you up and running.

Peripherals Setup

Setup or install any peripherals such as printers or webcams.

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