Over the Phone

Sometimes we can give support and advice over the phone. Depending on the nature of the issue, we may need payment in advance for this kind of support. If we cannot resolve the issue via the phone, we may suggest another means of support or, if all else fails, we will refund your payment immediately, in accordance with our "no fix no fee" guarantee.

Over the Internet

If you are having a problem that can be fixed remotely, then we can help. If your computer is still capable of connecting to the internet but you are experiencing some other issue, we can conduct a secure remote session on your machine and you can watch us work on it, talking you through the troubleshooting steps. Don't worry, the connection is secure and once we have finished, we will log out and will not be able to login again until you provide us with the new password the software generates. This saves time and money and means we can support you anywhere in the world as long as you have a reliable internet connection with a reasonable speed (>5Mbps broadband is recommended, either wireless or wired).

Over to You

If the problem needs us to come to you, we will visit you at home, place of work or even the local pub! Let us come out to you to provide support & assistance. Our standard call out area is Staffordshire but we can travel further at a reasonable cost.

From £30

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